Youth Club Rules

All visitors to Cropwell Bishop Youth Club must adhere to the list of rules set out below.

    • No running inside
    • No fighting, including playfighting
    • If going outside, please check a volunteer is out there first
    • The upstairs room is for Year 7 and above, and is a quiet chill out area
    • Please listen to and respect our volunteers
    • Please put all your rubbish in the bin, as soon as you have finished with it
    • Take fair turns with the equipment and use it how it is intended
    • Please respect the building and our equipment, and your fellow members
    • Please do not hang around the toilets and use the appropriate one
    • Strictly no swearing or offensive language
    • Please stay in the supervised rooms
    • Please help with tidying up your play area at the end of the evening
    • Most important of all, ENJOY YOURSELVES!

These rules were compiled by our Youth Council to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members and to protect our belongings. Any child whose behaviour is considered unacceptable will risk a ban from the club. The parents would be contacted and advised of any issues.

Please remember at all times that all the volunteers are unpaid and give up their own time to ensure continuation of our Youth club, which has to have a generous allocation of grown ups to ensure adequate supervision in all areas. If you encounter any problems at any stage of the evening please advise us immediately so we can resolve them for you.

We want your club to be a safe and happy place to come.